Fully managed IT support services and solutions

| What are Managed IT Services?

Our world’s reliance on technology continues to grow and evolve. With this, the responsibility of managing and supporting those systems grows as well. That’s where our expert team steps in. PCnet Managed IT Services offers fully managed IT solutions with 24/7 monitoring, user and device support, and managed security. Focus your attention on the core competencies’ of your business, and let PCnet handle the rest.

Our team is equipped with the industry’s best tools to help you proactively protect your IT environments… ensuring your business is kept secure and equipped for next-level efficiency.

Managed Security Services

The number, scope, and frequency of cyberattacks grow exponentially each year. Don’t let your business become a statistic. Contact PCnet’s IT security experts today and receive the managed security your business needs and deserves. 

IT Assessments

Stay on top of your IT environment with a proactive approach. Identify network and infrastructure stability risks and potential vulnerabilities with our IT assessments.

24/7 Network Monitoring

All PCnet managed customers can relax knowing your network is protected 365/24/7. Our team identifies and manages any potential issues before our customers even realize there’s been a problem.

Help Desk

Help Desk is an extension of our IT services. Our team is there to address issues, answer questions, and manage end users. Ensure your team is supported and increases business productivity.

Backup and Recovery

PCnet understands that your business data is the most critical resource on your network and must be protected at all times. Our managed Backup and Recovery solution is key to ensuring data loss prevention and provides fast recovery should the need arise. 

Security Awareness Training

When it comes to IT security, you are only as strong as your weakest link. Educate your employees to make smarter security decisions and take a stand against cyberattacks.

Find out how our expert IT team can help your organization. Schedule your IT assessment today.

Why Our Customers Choose PCnet Managed Services

Industry Expertise

When you choose PCnet managed IT services, you are choosing a dedicated team of experts with decades of experience. Our team has access to the newest & latest technology on the market that ensures you receive
top-tier services.

24/7 Monitoring

Remote monitoring and management ensures your business is kept secure and protected 365/24/7. Our team is able to take instant corrective action as soon our technicians receive an alert.

Focus on Core Business

As IT responsibilities rise, it becomes increasingly difficult for businesses and their employees to focus on their primary job tasks. Managed IT services allow you and your staff to prioritize their tasks, and our team takes care of the rest.

A Preventative Approach

A preventative approach to your business’s IT infrastructure is essential in today’s world. With our managed services, our team catches and handles potential risks before they become a threat.

Cost Effective

The cost of hiring and training a permanent IT staff can be overwhelming. With managed IT services, your IT expenses can be more predictable and manageable. Reduce costs when you use PCnet as your dedicated IT staff.

Minimized Downtime

A significant chunk of downtime for many businesses may be difficult to recover from. Reduce the risk of downtime by protecting your business and employing strong safeguards for your systems.